Refurbishing your home is often driven by design, whether you are a developer, architect or creating your dream home, the aesthetics are often the priority. However, It is only when form and function truly meet, do you really start to add value. Enter ‘Cadogan Doors‘; a high-end manufacturer of security doors, windows and safe rooms. This company not only delivers on the most unbreakable systems, but can be tailored to your personal style too. 

A number of people believe this level of home security is the reserve of arms dealers and mafia bosses, yet that peace of mind is not only valuable while you are a resident, but, as importantly, when you come to sell. Home security is one of the features that really adds value. As a basic rule, regardless of the type of property you live in, if you can’t secure your home when it is most needed, a core function will have been badly overlooked. At the helm, this family run operation is headed up by father and son team Simon and Alex Drabble.

My Property Eye met up with Alex Drabble (Head of Sales) to show you what really makes them different and why Cadogan doors is the go to company when you consider home security.

Alex Drabble;Cadogan Doors Limited create bespoke, highly secure and elegant bulletproof windows, doors and safe rooms for both listed and contemporary, domestic and commercial properties. They are manufactured solely in the UK.

Safeguarding our customers is paramount, to ensure this all of our doors and windows are manufactured to the latest standards of security and have passed British Standard levels of certification. Design is also important to Cadogan Doors and clients can select from an extensive range of classic and modern doors and windows to suit any home or office. They can be made in a wide range of materials and finishes. So whether it is a traditional sash window or Georgian style door or an ultra modern design we can manufacture it without compromising your safety.’

Cadogan Doors is a family business. Freddie Drabble, my uncle, co owns Fort Engineering, the UK based manufacturer of the doors and windows. When he first told my father and me about their products and their level of security, I will be honest and say it did not get me that excited! In fact we both had to be persuaded to go to his factory in Luton and see their production. I thought a door was a door! We went to visit the factory and were amazed! We could not believe the level of security they offered whilst looking the same as a normal door or window.

This is when my father Simon Drabble and I decided we had to get involved! Fort Engineering do not face the end user directly so we established Cadogan Doors Limited to work with developers and architects as well as individuals to create secure yet stunning doors and windows that provide protection from intruders.

By creating Cadogan Doors, Alex and Simon can ensure they really understand the clients needs and give a uniquely tailored service. Depending on the style and design you are looking for, they can create it.

You can go straight to Cadogan Doors site and contact Alex for more information on

For an idea of the real strength, check to the video below of an attempted break in;

‘This is the factory when we took classic break in’ tools and put our level 1 security door to the test. Needless to say, the door came up trumps!

Check out the design process and heat testing videos here and when you decide it is time for serious home security, contact Alex Drabble; or go to the site: Cadogan Doors
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