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About Christopher

Christopher, also a founding partner of Penny Black, has a detailed knowledge of London and a vast experience of the capital’s prime property market that has proved, again and again, to provide his clients with enormous advantages in finding homes within the city’s most prestigious areas.

He has established a level of trust with agents and property portfolio owners throughout the sector that affords him access to the most advantageous opportunities, and his easy, approachable personality and enduring commitment to openness and value have led to many of his relationships with clients developing into lasting friendships.

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  • Client Stories

    • Picture of DN & VN DN & VN, New York
      We spent three days trekking round estate agents in Mayfair without finding anything that felt right, and went back to the States disappointed. A colleague suggested Penny Black, and after an exchange of e-mails and one phone call they sent us a selection that showed they’d really been listening. One was just perfect, and because it hadn’t gone on the market yet Christopher was able to negotiate a quick deal. Now, we’re actually glad we didn’t find anything in the estate agents’ lists.
  • Christopher’s key skills

    • Confidential Service

    • Exclusive Property Finder

    • Experienced Advice

  • Stats

    • Average search time
    • Average saving from asking price

Christopher’s acquisition highlights

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